Tuesday, January 21, 2020

What is a sandblaster?

A sandblaster is a very useful tool for removing debris, such as rust, from a surface.  Sand blasters are amazing tools and when used properly make quick work of removing unwanted debris from a surface.  In addition to removing debris, a sandblaster can engrave glass, carve wood, remove unwanted material from a surface, and prepare surfaces for painting and etching.  The list is too long to completely review.  When you are looking to buy a good sand blaster, we want to earn your business.  Cyclone sandblasters are made in the USA, fully assembled, and most importantly are affordable.

What are you going to sandblast?

If you’re looking to buy a good sandblaster for the money, we can help.  You should start with understanding what you are going to sandblast.  The size and shape of the part(s) is very important.  Additionally, size is important from the dimensions of the part as well as the weight.  For instance, a heavy part may require two people to lift into the sandblaster. Even if you’re lifting a heavy piece by yourself, you only want to lift it as high as needed to get it into the cabinet.  We will cover blast cabinet tops.

This image shows our benchtop model E100-LTC.  Ideal for smaller parts.

This photo is our model 4040 sandblaster.  Perfect for larger parts.  This is one of our mid-size cabinets.  We offer larger cabinets too!  

Visit our website to see our full catalog of sandblasting equipment and supplies.  Made in the USA, Fully Assembled, and Affordable.