Friday, August 24, 2018

What is a Sandblaster?

Whether a novice or professional, lets' talk about blasting!

Sandblasting is just a name for a process.  It comes from the fact that "sand", just like sandpaper, is an excellent abrasive.  When you use sandpaper against wood, for instance, the sand particles on the paper remove particles from the wood.  A harder surface effects a less hard surface.

Sandblasters use a similar principle.  They force an abrasive out of an blast nozzle at high energy, thus creating a stream of virtual sandpaper at the surface which produces a variety of effects on the surface depending upon many factors.  For a list of those effects please read our article about the surface effects of abrasive blasting.

Usually there is a metal box, or cabinet, that contains the sandblaster gun and parts. An air supply usually from an air compressor is used to provide the energy to propel the abrasive media out of the gun toward the parts. The concept itself is simple and it is known by many names: Shot Blasting Media Blasting Bead Blasting.

Despite the many names for the process.  You must be absolutely certain that you understand the differences.  Sand is simply the media doing the work.  DO NOT use sand in a sandblaster.  There are many safer alternatives.  Silica in the sand was found decades ago to cause serious health hazards.  You are always responsible for knowing what you are doing with any tool, it is no different with blasting.  Common sense above everything else is required.  It's preferred to call it abrasive blasting, media blasting, bead or shot blasting.

Never use sand in your abrasive blaster. The presence of silica in the sand has been proven to lead to harmful lung injury and death. Always use an abrasive free of silica and use appropriate protection and adhere to all manuals and above all else - common sense. 

It comes in two basic varieties: Siphon Feed Systems A siphon feed blasting system uses something known as the "Venturi effect/principle" to draw abrasive media up a tube and out the blast nozzle. High pressure flow from an air compressor passes through a constricted section of the blast gun and creates a difference in pressure where the media tube connects. It is this difference that draws the media up through the blast gun and out the blast nozzle. Siphon feed blasting systems are sufficiently adequate for most users providing abrasive media is available and pressure is constant. Siphon feed blasting systems work well with almost any media except steel shot.  While steel shot is an excellent abrasive, most siphon fed blasting cabinets can't produce sufficient "draw" to make it work.  Steel shot can be a very heavy abrasive and siphon systems do not provide sufficient "draw" to pull the media up from the cabinet hopper and out the blast gun.

Cyclone Manufacturing provides a complete line of siphon feed bead blast systems to economically suit any size project. Click here to browse our lineup! Check out their lineup here:

Next we talk about Direct Pressure Systems.  These systems utilize a pressure vessel, or a "pot".  Abrasive media is poured into the pot and then the pot is pressurized. The user then opens a valve and the pressure flows out of the pot carrying the abrasive with it. Pressure pots can be connected to a cabinet or they can be stand alone units like our PT-100 and PT-100-SK.

Cyclone also offers a direct pressure blasting cabinet, our DP-38. Direct pressure units can reside on a blast cabinet or as with our units roll on heavy-duty wheels. Direct pressure units provide sufficient energy to push any type of abrasive, at a lower pressure than siphon units.  Check out Cyclone's direct pressure lineup here:

Cyclone's main website is:

They have over 40 years plus in the abrasive sandblast industry and have 5 star reviews on Google for their customer service.
Stay tuned - we have lots more to come!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Prototype Equipment **High Quality - Affordable and Budget Friendly***

Looking to save some money on sandblasting equipment or need to ease the burden on your budget?  Fear not, Cyclone routinely has "used" sandblasting equipment and dust collection equipment available.

We currently have a few used sandblasting cabinets and one downdraft table available.  These "used" models are in fact prototypes.  They're brand new units we used to refine our products.  They work like brand new, carry the Cyclone quality and are affordable!

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Announcing Blaster Chat

We are entering the world of "blogging".  We're calling it Blaster Chat.  We want to keep our customers informed of our activity surrounding new products and great deals.  Enjoy Cyclone's high quality but affordable budget friendly product lineup.

If you don't know who we are, we manufacture the best sandblasting cabinets and equipment made in the USA.  We are located in Dowagiac, Michigan and our team members are from our community.  Our team engineers and fabricates our equipment from steel.  Then we powder coat the steel to protect and finish, and then we quality check everything that leaves the building.

We don't have a phone system for you to get lost in, or an automated email robot to cause you grief.  We personally answer our phone and reply to emails.

Our full catalog of abrasive equipment ranges from large industrial sandblasting cabinets down to benchtop models.  We also offer direct pressure blast cabinets and pressure pot sandblasters.  The term sandblaster is an old and misunderstood term.  The equipment is also known as media blasters, bead blasters, or abrasive blasters.

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