Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Downdraft Tables - Affordable and Easy to Use!

What is a Downdraft Table?

In short, you can use a downdraft table to keep your work area clean when doing any small tool work. Popular with woodworkers because when sawing or sanding, a downdraft table can collect dust and small debris. Typically constructed from steel and using a powerful motor, a downdraft table can make working much more efficient.  Many downdraft tables include perforated steel table tops and large filters to protect the motors. These units are often called downdraft extractors, or grinding tables. Altogether they can be called downdraft systems.
DT-350 Downdraft Table

Downdraft Table Design

Downdraft systems mostly come in two types: stand up or sit down. Which one you choose depends on your specific use. Another characteristic is the motor. In general, the more powerful the motor, the more airflow you can produce. The resulting power is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). Larger airflow means that the unit can quickly draw dust and debris into the hopper. An important consideration is the downdraft table top. A properly perforated top is important. Perforations that are too large or too small will impact airflow as well as limit what debris can be pulled into the table hopper.

Large Perforated Steel Table Top - Lid Open

Downdraft Table Uses

Before we dig in, you have to be sure that if you are looking for a downdraft system that you select the appropriate type. Our Units ARE NOT designed to work with hazardous material or incendiary/explosive materials. They will not protect you from fumes or explosions. Our industrial downdraft tables serve as a powerful way to contain dust and debris.

Downdraft tables can be used to collect grinding dust and are most commonly used as downdraft sanding tables. Those familiar with power sanding by hand know that large amounts of powdery sawdust collecting everywhere, including on their clothes! With a downdraft sanding table the dust produced is drawn down into the hopper. It can then be emptied later and used for other purposes or simply recycled.

Flip-Top Closed - IMPORTANT - that window flips up too!

Cyclone Model DT-350 Downdraft Table

The DT-350 has 350 CFM of airflow. It has a perforated steel table top designed for maximum downward airflow. A large filter cartridge protects the motor. A large top opens so you can easily place work pieces. A protective window also opens and allows amazing visibility while you are working. The unit is well lit and includes a standard receptacle and on/off switch that controls the light and dust collection. 

IMPORTANT: This unit it is NOT suited for hazardous or volatile materials.

We have many downdraft tables for sale. While it lasts, we can offer one prototype model:

Prototype Available: $650 + shipping.

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