Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Announcing Blaster Chat

We are entering the world of "blogging".  We're calling it Blaster Chat.  We want to keep our customers informed of our activity surrounding new products and great deals.  Enjoy Cyclone's high quality but affordable budget friendly product lineup.

If you don't know who we are, we manufacture the best sandblasting cabinets and equipment made in the USA.  We are located in Dowagiac, Michigan and our team members are from our community.  Our team engineers and fabricates our equipment from steel.  Then we powder coat the steel to protect and finish, and then we quality check everything that leaves the building.

We don't have a phone system for you to get lost in, or an automated email robot to cause you grief.  We personally answer our phone and reply to emails.

Our full catalog of abrasive equipment ranges from large industrial sandblasting cabinets down to benchtop models.  We also offer direct pressure blast cabinets and pressure pot sandblasters.  The term sandblaster is an old and misunderstood term.  The equipment is also known as media blasters, bead blasters, or abrasive blasters.

We want to earn your business and appreciate the like/share/link to our website.  High quality abrasive blasting equipment, dust collection systems abrasives, and much much more.

Visit us today at our website and learn more today.

Thank you!

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